MSP Mastered® Vendor Channel Account Manager Sales Acceleration Course


FOR VENDOR SALES TEAMS: Tour 2-course MSP Mastered® Masterclass for vendor sales teams defines the managed services business model and how to gain the trust and confidence of MSP partners to motivate them to build and execute mutually beneficial channel sales plans with their channel sales teams.

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Lesson 1 – Understanding MSPs, Their Business Model and Strategic Drivers

In this session, MSP Channel Transformation Expert Erick Simpson defines managed services and shares the business case that makes this service model so attractive for MSPs and their clients. Erick covers how MSPs bundle, price, sell, deliver, and support their services. He reveals the top performance indicators that MSPs measure, and explains key roles within their organizations, and shares some takeaways to help you position new services and solutions to MSP partners more successfully.

This information will inform and enhance your interactions with MSP partners for mutual benefit and shared channel sales success.


1. Defining Managed Services

2. The Business Case for Managed Services

3. How MSPs Bundle and Price Their Offerings

4. How Managed Services are Sold and New Clients On-Boarded

5. How MSPs Deliver Managed Services

6. Critical MSP Key Performance Indicators

7. Key Takeaways

Lesson 2 – Growing Channel Sales with MSP Partners

In this session, MSP Channel Transformation Expert Erick Simpson shares specific pre-requisites for growing channel sales through your MSP partners and reveals key components of the most effective partner sales plans.

Erick describes a capacity planning strategy to help you determine the number of partners you’ll need to achieve specific sales goals and shares a simple revenue forecasting exercise that gets MSP partners excited to sell.

He steps through a partner sales plan building example and demonstrates how to execute it with your partners as a team for success, and how to measure and improve partner sales outcomes over time by conducting regular strategic meetings with them that fuel increased performance.

These takeaways will help you strengthen your partner relationships and build their trust and confidence in you as a valued resource in their company growth strategy, facilitating greater opportunities for future collaboration and increasing partner lifetime value.


1. Pre-Requisites for Growing Sales Through MSP Partners

2. Designing Your Sales Plan and Strategy

3. Capacity Planning to Reach Sales Goals

4. Forecasting MSP Partner Sales

5. Build Partner Confidence and Earn Commitment

6. Building and Executing Your Partner Sales Plan

7. Measuring Partner Performance

8. Key Takeaways