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The one-on-one guidance & support you need to help get you to the next level of business growth. Coaching is available to current members of the MSP Mastered Membership

MSP Mastered® Coaching programs are designed for growth-minded IT Business Owners looking for help and accountability to get to your next level of growth but aren’t yet ready for a dedicated consulting engagement.

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Our Focus

What we'll do together

Identify & Prioritize

Our coaching strategy will begin with identifying your performance challenges in the “Four P’s” of business maturation.

Plan & Execute

Based on your identified performance challenges, we’ll create and execute a customized plan to overcome them involving six critical areas of focus.

There’s something to the old adage
“it’s lonely at the top”

It’s because many business owners seeking guidance on how to grow their company have a scarce amount of resources to turn to for help. And this is especially true in the IT industry. There simply aren’t that many experts and thought leaders that have “been there and done that” – built and sold successful IT and MSP practices and helped hundreds of other IT business owners achieve dramatic, positive business transformation. 

Erick Simpson has accomplished these outcomes and more for himself and his clients. You can be confident Erick will also work to refine your and your team’s talents, hone your goals, guide your decisions to accelerate growth and avoid costly mistakes, and help ensure that you and your business are successful.


Hear from more of our clients

Vadim Shelomyanov
President & CEO at INVAR Technologies Inc.

“I came across a newsletter from Erick and is struck a nerve. I set up a meeting and thought his ideas and structure for how to analyze the parts of the business and improve them one by one was a great idea and exactly what we needed. We flew him in for a day and he met with different staff members and had conversations and at the end he sent me a pretty long laundry list of all the things that were wrong with us. From there we changed many, many things and seen significant increase of clients and efficiency of our operations. We’ve expanded worldwide and are hiring staff all over the world. We’ve been able to generate multiple times over what we’ve spent with Erick. Now we’re calling him again to re-engage him in a different capacity.”

MSP Mastered Coaching

Our Coaching engagements are intentionally designed to meet you where you are. When you’re ready, get started below.

How to get started

Let's have a conversation

MSP Mastered® Coaching isn't for every business. Complete the questionnaire and schedule a call with us so we can make sure we're a good fit for you.



Start by completing a questionnaire. This will give both you and Erick an idea of what to expect in your discovery call and beyond.

Schedule a free call


After submitting your questionnaire, you’ll be prompted to schedule a free discovery call with us to explore how we can help. This stage will determine if we’re a good fit for you.

Choose your program


If we determine we’re a good fit for you, we’ll help you select the coaching program that’s the best fit for you and your team to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Why it works...

Simple: Our program is built on MSP Mastered® Principles

MSP Mastered® business improvement and transformation principles boost top and bottom line business performance.

This framework allows us to identify and prioritize overcoming your performances challenges in the “Four P’s of business maturation.

We’ll dive into critical areas such as hiring, HR & team building, operations, marketing, sales, and service delivery.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Boost Marketing & Lead Gen Outcomes

Shorten Sales Cycles

Maximize Service Efficiencies