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Everything you need to Increase the value of your MSP Practice

Transform your Business into a Best In Class MSP

Overcome business challenges, improve service efficiencies, sell more profitable MRR agreements, and increase the value of your MSP business.

MSP Mastered® Methodology

Get access to our proven business transformation methodology, designed to streamline processes in every aspect of an MSP business, ultimately leading to rapid growth and increased profits.

Group MSP Coaching Sessions

Guidance and support to overcome your challenges across operations, HR, marketing, bundling, pricing sales, helpdesk, NOC, projects, and growth via acquisition and exit strategies.

Search & Download

Leverage our robust search system to locate and download hundreds of MSP, MSSP, and Cloud business tools and resources, including employment ads, staff evaluation and management processes, and more.

Plus, you get access to

Educational & Training Resources

90+ Online MSP Masterclasses

Receive access to over 90 online masterclass courses covering every aspect of MSP and Cybersecurity business operations, from marketing and sales to service delivery, leadership, and team building.

150 On-Demand Videos and Webinars

Membership includes access to over 150 on-demand videos and webinars that provide essential insights and strategies for leveraging and optimizing MSP/ IT business performance.


Download all four of our best-selling Managed Services, Sales & Marketing, NOC, and Service Delivery transformation books, including dozens of included forms, processes, and tools.


Download the audiobooks of our best-selling Managed Services, Sales & Marketing, NOC, and Service Delivery transformation books PLUS our MSP Audio Sales Training Course.

Best Practice Guides

Our 50+ best practice guides cover topics that help you improve every operational area of your business, from hiring & HR to financials, pricing, sales & marketing, service, and more.

Slide Decks

Our vast selection of PowerPoint slide decks complement each of our numerous Masterclass, webinar, and video presentations as additional resources to educate, train, and enable your entire team.

as well as . . .

Operational Tools & Resources

Advanced MSP Resources

Benefit from access to more than 250 forms, agreements, tools, and resources instrumental in achieving operational excellence in your MSP business.

Operations, Sales, & Service Checklists

Valuable tools for your hiring, training, marketing, sales, and service delivery activities to save you time and money and standardize your day-to-today operational processes.

Business Processes

Our best practices-based business processes covering every business unit in a thriving MSP organization will save you from reinventing the wheel and accelerate business improvement.


Our MSP pricing, marketing ROI, sales compensation, and sales and service staffing calculators are purpose-built to help you maximize performance Improvement with minimum effort.


Access just about every resource to build or improve your MSP, MSSP, or Cloud practice with agreements, SLAs, proposals, hiring and HR tools, business plans, MDF request forms, comp and commission plans, and more.


Our purpose-built, proven collection of business improvement tools includes calculators, spreadsheets, processes, procedures, workflows, and more to increase efficiency and eliminate costly mistakes.

Forms & Templates

Our forms library complements our document archive and incorporates a variety of business forms to support the day-to-day business processes of your MSP, MSSP, or Cloud practice with numerous forms and templates.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Our KPIs provide you with a selection of the most critical data you should be measuring on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis in each of your business units to focus on profitable growth.

Sound good? We thought so, too.

You'll Get The Strategies and Guidance needed To make your business thrive

Increase The Value Of Your MSP For The Highest Valuation At Exit

We’ve worked on dozens of M&A engagements. Our MSP Mastered® methodology will help you understand your MSP’s current worth and reveal the tactics, strategies and secrets to boosting its value.

Access Hundreds Of Resources

Enroll and share access with your entire team.

Dive into a comprehensive collection of MSP-specific business growth tools, ranging from books, forms, SLAs, proposals to pricing calculators. Access On-demand webinars and video masterclass courses with quizzes and asset downloads.

Attend Group Coaching Sessions

You and your team engage with experts and peers.

Stop reinventing the wheel and get the expert guidance and support to surpass challenges across your MSP’s operations, HR, marketing, sales, and service delivery units. Engage with MSP experts and peers to learn and share with.

Get Expert Personalized Support

Our team of MSP experts are only an email away.

Gain unlimited access to personalized email support from our team of MSP experts. Navigate growth challenges with ease and drive your MSP practice toward accelerated, profitable growth.

Take advantage of our proven methodology

Why Choose Us

We Pioneered The Managed Services Model And Trained 30k MSPs!

Our leadership built and sold one of the very first MSPs in the industry, then went on to train 30,000 MSPs through their managed services transformation. We are internationally recognized as the #1 source MSPs look to for advice on running their business in North America.

Our Mission

Since the early 2000's, our mission has been to contribute to the growth and success of the MSP community.

Our Promise to You

We commit to transparency, integrity, unmatched service and stand by our promise: We Deliver What We Say.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive more value from your membership investment than you pay or your money back.

Hear from recent clients and partners of MSP Mastered

Jay McBainChief Analyst - Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems - Canalys - Channel Influencer of the Year
Read More
Erick is a longtime leader in the global managed services space. In fact, he ranked high in my Top 100 most influential people as tracked by partner feedback and industry analysis. He is always willing to help MSPs, vendors, and distributors make the most of their opportunities and gives back to the industry in so many ways. A future Hall of Famer - first ballot.
Janet ShijnsCEO & Co-Founder - JS Group - Channel Influencer of the Year - Top 10 Women in Technology - 10 Most Impactful Women in Technology
Read More
Erick is a genius strategist. He is able to shift MSP businesses towards growth because he truly understands the channel and the technology used in the industry. His insights on solutions, pricing, and operations have been invaluable to a number of the top partners and vendors in the industry. I have worked with Erick on a number of projects and have always been very impressed with his results.
Scott BechtoldPresident - InSource Technologies
Read More
I just received the call about an hour ago that we earned the business for a 150-seat client! I could not have done it without your help and all the resources!
Brian PageDirector of Managed Services, Structured Communications Systems
Read More
The concepts, techniques, and best practices they have developed have helped me grow our recurring revenue by more than 400% over the last two years.
George KishekOwner - Kishek IT Services
Read More
I would like to take a moment and thank you for all the knowledge and insight I have gained from you and your dedicated team. You have definitely exceeded my expectations.
Debi BushCMIT Solutions of Denver
Read More
Most definitely worth the investment, and I expect it to bring a financial ROI going forward.
Tony BennettADSG LLC
Read More
Terrific Program - great info. We got an incredible amount of very useful and immediately applicable information and tools.
Dan FuscoInnerPC
Read More
Highly recommended if you have been doing this for 20 years or just starting out.
John CorrickEzetek Pacific Pty Ltd
Read More
Truly the greatest business-building resource I have ever experienced in all of my 35 years in business.

You know, It's lonely at the top . . .

Could you do it without us?

But: Running an MSP practice without a dedicated partner like MSP Mastered® could leave you at a competitive disadvantage. In a rapidly evolving sector, it’s paramount to have access to resources, data-driven strategies, and a broad network to stay ahead.

Without MSP Mastered®, you're likely to find yourself:

Limiting Growth

Without MSP Mastered’s industry-tested resources and knowledge, your company might lack the necessary tools and strategies to grow beyond its current potential. Your practice could be left grappling with self-derived solutions not on par with industry standards.

Continually Reinventing the Wheel

MSP Mastered® saves valuable time by providing you with ready-to-use tools, processes, and strategies, eliminating the need to brainstorm and experiment from scratch. In the absence of this resource, your practice might spend excessive time and resources on reinventing the wheel, which could otherwise be focused on growing MRR revenues, client service, and improving your bottom line.

Missing Expert Guidance

The guidance and mentorship from MSP Mastered’s multi-award-winning team are invaluable. Without it, your practice could lack the professional expertise and seasoned insights critical for maintaining a competitive edge.

Risking Obsolescence

The absence of data-driven strategies offered by MSP Mastered could mean that your practice is not adapting quickly enough with the changing MSP landscape, risking becoming outdated over time.

Eroding Company Value

Without the strategic guidance and innovative solutions offered by MSP Mastered®, your MSP practice could experience an erosion of company value and valuation at exit. This risk stems from a failure to effectively adapt to market changes, an inability to maximize service efficiency, and lagging behind in embracing industry advancements. MSP Mastered®’s program promotes constant innovation and updates on industry trends and regulatory changes, thereby preserving and enhancing your company’s value in the competitive MSP landscape.

In other words . . .

Without an active membership, your business could miss out on opportunities for growth and value creation that are only possible through an informed approach backed by expert managed services knowledge and a vast industry network. It’s not just about maintaining the status quo but driving exponential growth and boosting the core value of your business.

The Easiest Decision You'll Make All Day

You are moments away from the training, tools, strategies and support to transform your practice into a best-in-class MSP. In an industry that's as dynamic and competitive as managed services, MSP Mastered® is more than just a membership; it's a long-term investment in your business's continuing success and growth. So don't delay - join today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on several factors. While we have helped thousands of partners in various states of business operations, readiness and business models improve their practices’ success and/or accelerated their successful integration of managed services practices into their businesses, as with any business strategy, you will get out of your membership what you put into it.

While success can be subjective among our partners, our strategies, training, resources and group coaching sessions are designed to help you identify your existing state of operational and staff performance, and the gap between it and your desired state of performance. Once this has been established, you and your team can follow our MSP Mastered® methodology for improvement to guide you towards achieving your desired state of improved performance in your financial, operational, marketing, sales and service delivery business units.

Yes, we offer one-on-one and team coaching engagements, and also tailor our consulting services to meet your specific needs, including specialized new market strategy development and extended engagements, such as our Enterprise Consulting Engagements.

It depends. If you or anyone in your organization does not have the bandwidth and resources to execute the activities needed to achieve your desired state of improved performance, maybe not. But, it only takes the implementation or execution of one of our strategies, or the use of one of our sales proposal templates, SOWs, MSAs or project management forms to return multiples on your membership investment. On the other side of the equation, we have worked with IT organizations grossing hundreds of millions in revenue.