MSP Mastered® Advanced Masterclass

Advanced Managed Services Business Transformation​

Step-by-step guidance towards best-in-class Managed Services Business Transformation

Advanced Masterclass Features

This advanced masterclass includes:

Part 1: Operations

Understanding what key performance metrics MSPs should be tracking from a financial perspective in each business unit that lead to improved profitability is the first step towards achieving advanced operational maturity. This course breaks down key financial principles and concepts to lay the foundation for profitable, sustainable business growth. It shares formulas to calculate and improve the performance of key staff such as billable technicians and sales professionals and establishes the minimum required billing and sales targets for them. Course takeaways include best in class MSP financial, marketing, service desk and project KPIs and the 5 factors that affect top-line revenue and bottom-line profit performance.

This course focuses on understanding a Managed Services practice’s true cost of service delivery to determine actual service margins. It covers topics such as how to calculate hourly labor burden, hourly overhead burden and professional services labor and service desk and NOC profitability. These key data points must be determined to price your services profitably or validate that the fees you are currently charging actually meet your margin and profit expectations.

Recruiting and retaining talented employees is key to ensuring client satisfaction and positions you for successful growth. But how do you know *who* to hire next, and when? How do you properly staff and tier your service desk and NOC for maximum efficiency? What does a good performance-based compensation plan for technicians and sales professionals include? This course reveals how to tie each hiring decision to objective capacity planning metrics, how to hire more confidently and structure winwin compensation plans that incentivize performance and reward success.

1 On-Demand Video, 5 Asset Downloads, 3 External Resource Links

Whether your MSP business is a mature practice, or you are just getting started, you must have a winning strategy for bundling and pricing the solutions you offer. This course reveals how to determine your true cost of delivering managed services to properly bundle and price them to meet your desired profit margins. It shares how to develop a good MSP service portfolio, what services and solutions should be bundled together and how you should approach tiering your service bundles to increase upsell opportunities and overall sales value. After completing this session, you should have a clearly defined strategy for bundling and pricing your managed services offerings.

This course explores the importance, purpose and strategy behind a properly designed Master Services Agreement and Statements of Work for each of the services you market, sell and deliver. Topics include the language and content to include in these important documents, and how your Managed Services SLA can enable your business growth and realize higher revenues and profits. You’ll learn to use SOWs that detail what’s included and excluded from your services to set clear, accurate expectations with your clients to ensure their long-term satisfaction. Bonus takeaways are the language to use that allows you to increase the value of your long-term Agreements yearly, and permits you to fire a client at any time, but restricts them from being able to cancel your Agreements for “convenience”, and instead only in cases for Cause Without Remedy.

The proper integration and optimization of your RMM, PSA, documentation, and accounting platforms yield service delivery and operational efficiencies far greater than the sum of their parts, but what’s the best way to accomplish this, and where do you start? This course reveals the importance of platform and process integration and optimization so you can get the most out of your investments using effective service delivery management best practices. It shares best practices for integration and optimization using effective strategies based on years of our practical experience. Session takeaways include what to expect during your integration journey, with examples of improved client onboarding, project management, and service desk, billing and accounting, SLA, and sales performance reporting.

Part 2: Service Delivery

The ability to properly plan and manage the deployment of technical projects is one of the most critical components of efficient, profitable service delivery. Best practices for project design, risk, change and communication management and conducting effective project kickoff meetings are crucial to the growth of a well-oiled project management and implementation team. This course reveals a solid project management and deployment process and shares the tools, forms, and platforms your team can use to excel at delivering more successful, profitable projects that drive customer satisfaction and facilitate easier project sales and deployments in the future.

This course focuses on one of the most critical activities for service delivery profitability – the service dispatch function. Proper management and scheduling of billable resources improves utilization, profitability, and client satisfaction. It reveals best practices for proactive remote maintenance support, reactive and scheduled onsite services, dispatch management of technical resources, and effective communication techniques between all affected parties to maintain SLAs and client satisfaction.

Properly tiering your service desk and following a documented incident lifecycle management process for every ticket received are keys to profitable business growth, competitive advantage, and client satisfaction – but what steps should your service desk employ in the incident management and resolution process? This course covers how to efficiently identify, classify, prioritize, assign, work, escalate and close service desk tickets to maintain SLAs, maximize client satisfaction, and scale and grow your service desk profitably.

To reduce costs, improve performance and efficiencies and drive more profit to the bottom line, best-in-class MSPs utilize a means to regularly measure the performance of their NOC and Service Desk. This measurement must focus on capturing meaningful data and displaying it in a simple to understand manner. This data will become the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by which performance will be measured, goals set against and bonuses and commissions designed and implemented to help realize. This course covers the critical KPIs to measure and analyze for service delivery performance improvement.

This course covers the function of the service desk and its role in the service delivery process. Topics include effective service desk design, tools, and technology requirements, roles and responsibilities of service desk staff, dispatchers and service managers, service desk day-to-day procedures, telephone, and email communications standards, SLA guidelines, and remote and onsite service delivery best practices.

This course focuses on developing and implementing an effective, efficient 3-phase on-boarding process for new clients to meet client and end-user expectations and facilitate more profitable future service delivery. It covers provisioning, training, and go-live processes for a new client in depth. Topics include setting up a client’s account in all required service delivery systems, deployment of tools and agents for monitoring, patching, updating, and remote access, communications and reporting protocols and instruments, service delivery processes and SLAs, and additional turn-up, training, and go-live considerations.

Part 3: Sales

This course covers the highest ROI-generating managed services marketing and lead generation strategies to fill the top of your sales funnel and reveals the 10 marketing and lead generation activities you and your sales team should execute weekly that lead to more qualified sales appointments. It reveals how, how often, and when to ask for referrals from existing clients, along with best practices for requesting Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and other benefits from your vendors and distributors to help offset your marketing costs.

This course reveals successful appointment-setting and telemarketing techniques designed to get you past the gatekeeper and to the decision-maker. Topics include using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to develop your ideal prospect target list, and call script creation, and scheduling and conducting call-downs correctly during your marketing campaigns to secure appointments for your IT solutions and Managed Services deliverables. Bonus tips include stealth tactics that get you past human gatekeepers and automated voice response systems and connect you directly to the decision-maker.

This course covers the most critical steps in the 7-step consultative sales process for technology services and solutions – Warming Up and Qualifying Prospects. It reveals the proper warm-up techniques and the 3 types of qualifying questions to use with your prospects that build the highest urgency and accelerate sales velocity, along with how to easily ask budgetary questions to ensure you scope and price your sales proposals properly to avoid sticker shock and increase your sales closing ratio.

The quality and accuracy of your sales proposals can mean the difference between winning the business or losing out to a competitor. This course covers best practices for effective Consultative Proposal development, and what to include, what to exclude, and the most effective layout to utilize to build maximum buying temperature in your prospect. It also reveals how to dramatically increase your sales closing percentage by adding 3 simple options to all of your sales proposals.

This course covers the 3 steps to a successful sales presentation: how to use tie-down questions and trial closes; how to present your Managed IT Services sales slide deck and proposal for maximum impact; and how to position the return on investment (ROI) and value on investment (VOI) of your solution correctly to amplify your prospect’s buying temperature and accelerate velocity towards the close of the sale.

This course covers the 3 categories of buyer objections you’ll receive in any sales engagement in detail, and the simple 4-step process to overcome them successfully. Additionally, it reveals how to close the sale correctly by simply asking your prospect for their business, and shares 7 Sales Power Closes and how to use them to win the sale with different types of tough buyers.

Part 4: Business Growth Acceleration & Optimization

The importance of conducting regular business reviews to reinforce the value of the services you provide your clients and help transform them into Technology Strategic business owners with active IT budgets and technology roadmaps cannot be understated. This advanced course reveals how to prepare for and conduct effective Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) that can help your clients increase their efficiencies and productivity, mitigate business pain and risk and maintain a competitive advantage in their markets through technology – all while keeping your quarterly sales and project pipelines full quarter over quarter.

This advanced course reveals the secrets to leveraging live events like Lunch ‘n Learns, Business Breakfasts, Evening Mixers, Webinars and Event Speaking Opportunities to maximize your lead generation outcomes with scale. It covers the best topics to deliver to reflect your technology business expertise, how to find lists of prospects to market to, and the best way to select sponsors and receive Marketing Development Funds (MDF) to help defray your costs. Bonus topics include the survey to use to generate sales appointments at the close of each event, and how to position technology and security assessments correctly to ensure a follow-up sales meeting.

This advanced course shares the tactics and techniques of high-performing sales professionals to go deep and wide within their prospect and client relationships to uncover additional stakeholders, needs, and budgets. Topics include leveraging advanced bundling and multiple option techniques, along with multi-phase project sales strategies and leveraging sales engineers and VCTOs to accelerate sales growth and dramatically increase client lifetime value and stickiness.

This advanced course reveals the unique strategies, tactics, and sales cycle modifications necessary to compete and win sales in the mid and enterprise markets, where your ultimate decision-maker is more likely to be an IT Manager, VP or CTO. It shares the requirement for, and how to leverage your vendor and distributor relationships in these high-value engagements and strengthen your sales strategy with paid Proof of Concepts (POCs) and trial engagements to increase your win rate.

There are more reasons to consider buying another company than simply growing top-line revenue, adding a new product or service line to your portfolio, and acquiring a team of qualified professionals to enhance your staff. This advanced course shares our experience and strategies in helping dozens of M&A clients achieve these outcomes and more while increasing profitability and eliminating operational gaps and bottlenecks. It also reveals the key elements to look for in an acquisition target that you can quickly improve on to rapidly increase its value and profitability.

This advanced course reviews the tactics and KPIs to implement, improve and monitor to ensure you are operating at the highest performance and profit to realize the greatest valuation during a strategic exit. It reveals the business sale process and each step that you will go through to properly prepare for a successful, profitable exit – always placing you in the best position to command the highest leverage and valuation during a company sale discussion, even when you weren’t expecting the opportunity to sell to present itself yet. It also shares the importance of developing a post-transaction integration plan and timeline to ensure the highest level of success after the transaction.

The Cornerstone Philosophy

Learn the 12 keys of the MSP Mastered® Methodology

The MSP Mastered® Methodology seeks to analyze, measure and improve
the strategies, outcomes and processes in these 12 critical areas for rapid, controlled sustainable business growth.

Leadership Strategy
Operations & Finance
Proposals / Agreements
Service Delivery
Lead Generation
Quarterly Reviews
Growth via Acquisition
Offering & Pricing
Strategic Vendors
Sell at Highest Valuation
Succession Strategy
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Erick, signing up to your Masterclass is without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve made and has proven to be an incredible asset to CompuNET. Even though we’ve been in business for over 2 decades, your training brought a tremendous amount of new and valuable information to me and my team. I cannot recommend this course enough to any MSP regardless of how long they have been in operation.
Nick Nouri
President & CEO, CompuNET
Highly recommended if you have been doing this for 20 years or just starting out.
Dan Fusco
The concepts, techniques, and best practices they have developed have helped me grow our recurring revenue by more than 400% over the last two years.
Brian Page
Director of Managed Services, Structured Communications Systems
Most definitely worth the investment, and I expect it to bring a financial ROI going forward.
Debi Bush
CMIT Solutions of Denver

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Erick, signing up to your Masterclass is without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve made and has proven to be an incredible asset to CompuNET. Even though we’ve been in business for over 2 decades, your training brought a tremendous amount of new and valuable information to me and my team. I cannot recommend this course enough to any MSP regardless of how long they have been in operation.
Nick Nouri
President & CEO, CompuNET
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