The Best NOC and Service Desk Operations BOOK EVER! Book Download Bundle

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Includes 3 Killer Downloads!:

Download #1: The Best NOC and Service Desk Operations BOOK EVER! Book PDF

The Best NOC and Service Desk Operations BOOK EVER! reveals how to build, staff and maintain a NOC and Service Desk effectively and profitably, along with best practices and techniques to increase efficiencies and net profits for these critical business service delivery business units.

The fourth publication in The MSP Mastered® best-selling Managed Services Series, The Best NOC and Service Desk Operations BOOK EVER!, this comprehensive resource documents and discusses best practices for NOC and Service Desk infrastructure design, tools and technology, deliverables, pre-requisites for service, agreements and addendums, SLAs, processes, clients, management and outsourcing considerations all geared to help your organization or business unit increase efficiencies and net profitability while reducing risk and mitigating pain for you and your clients and end users.

Whether you are looking to build out your NOC and Service Desk from scratch, are interested in learning how to effectively outsource and manage specific components of these units, or simply wish to evaluate the processes you currently employ in your own NOC and Service Desk, this reference will teach you how to improve processes, maximize efficiencies and increase client satisfaction – all while improving your bottom line!

The Best NOC and Service Desk Operations BOOK EVER! includes everything you’ll need to:

  • Design the most effective infrastructure for you NOC and Service Desk
  • Identify and integrate the right tools and technology to support your NOC and Service Desk
  • Establish service requirements for your end users and clients to qualify them for effective, efficient service delivery
  • Determine what your NOC and Service Desk deliverables and SLAs should be
  • Understand and implement effective incident management processes
  • Learn the 10 critical Service Management processes required for success
  • Develop a rock-solid client provisioning and on-boarding process to smooth service turn-up and go-live
  • Gain knowledge of efficient day-to-day NOC and Service Desk staff duties that increase efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction
  • Create an effective hiring, compensation, training and management process for NOC and Service Desk staff
  • Discover critical KPIs and learn how to run your NOC and Service Desk by the numbers
  • Learn how to outsource NOC and Service Desk components effectively

This resource has been highly requested by solution providers, internal IT departments and channel organizations worldwide, and fills the void for a NOC and Service Desk-specific work for the IT industry covering design, tools, deliverables and hiring, compensating, training and managing staff; along with processes, client on-boarding and management processes, outsourcing to 3rd party fulfillment partners and service delivery.

Includes nearly 30 downloadable forms, tools and educational webcasts.

Download #2: The MSP Mastered® The Service Dispatch Process White Paper

In The MSP Mastered® 3-Page Service Dispatch Process White Paper, you will find information to help you understand proper techniques and best practices for the Service Dispatch role in the service delivery process.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Service Dispatch Process
  3. Manage Scheduling of all Technical Resources
  4. Continuously Monitor General Service Board to Identify New Requests
  5. Continuously Monitor Individual Service Boards or Queues to Manage SLAs
  6. Continuously Manage and Conduct Consistent Communications to Keep All Parties Affected by Incidents Related to Service Requests Apprised of Status
    Manage reporting for effective service delivery performance
  7. Conclusion

Download #3: The MSP Mastered® Infrastructure, Service Desk and NOC Requirements for Managed Services Delivery White Paper

The MSP Mastered® 15-Page Infrastructure, Service Desk and NOC Requirements for Managed Services Delivery White Paper provides information to help you build a successful Managed Services delivery strategy.


  1. What deliverables comprise a Managed Services Offering?
  2. Remote Monitoring and Management
  3. Service Desk
  4. Infrastructure requirements to support Managed Services delivery
  5. At the Managed Service Provider’s location
  6. Environmental requirements
  7. Network Operations Center
  8. Data Center
  9. System requirements
  10. Operating Systems and Software
  11. Communication requirements
  12. Protocols
  13. Security
  14. Connectivity requirements
  15. Broadband
  16. Remote access
  17. Environmental requirements at the client’s location
  18. System requirements
  19. Hardware
  20. Operating Systems and Software
  21. Communication requirements
  22. Protocols
  23. Security
  24. Connectivity requirements
  25. Broadband
  26. Remote access