10 Course MSP Mastered® Cybersecurity Masterclass


The 10 Course MSP Mastered® Cybersecurity Sales Masterclass covers the 10 Topics to accelerate the launch of your Cybersecurity practice delivered via on-demand Video training sessions, which allows you to refer to them at any time, and socialize them with your entire team.


My 10 Course MSSP Cybersecurity Masterclass Includes…

We tackle the 10 Topics to accelerate the launch of your Cybersecurity practice during each one of my MSSP Cybersecurity Masterclass courses delivered via on-demand Video training sessions, which allows you to refer to them at any time, and socialize them with your entire team. In addition to accessing each course for any time On-Demand viewing, I’ve also included 32 specific supporting tools and assets relating to each course’s topic, including forms, agreements, calculators, MSAs, SOWs, SLAs, white papers, best practice guides, and more from my collection of critical MSSP Cybersecurity assets, along with 7 additional external bonus business-building resource links to provide even more value to your business!

10 of my Exclusive MSP Mastered® MSSP Cybersecurity Training Videos

Every single one of my 10 MSSP Cybersecurity training videos reveals always unique, sometimes never before revealed, and always effective tips, strategies, and techniques for Cybersecurity business growth and transformation gleaned from my own experience in helping my clients build their own Cybersecurity practices.

32 of my Extensive MSP Mastered® MSSP Cybersecurity Assets

With 32 designated MSSP Cybersecurity assets comprising categories including Calculators, Agreements, Sales Proposals, White Papers, and much, much more, there has never been such a comprehensive library of MSSP transformation and growth tools in the industry to help you succeed.

7 External Business Building Resource Links

These links to my hand-picked selection of external resources comprising dozens of hours of additional business training really supercharge and accelerate your velocity towards success. The addition of these resources provide you the opportunity to not only benefit from my extensive experience and expertise in working directly with hundreds of ITSPs and MSPs to supercharge Cybersecurity business growth and success, but also receive the value of other business improvement experts, authors and groups.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain with my no-questions-asked 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

10 Course MSP Mastered® MSSP Cybersecurity Masterclass Program comprised of 10 On-Demand Training Videos ($3,990 Value)

32 Downloadable Forms, Tools, Agreements, SOWs, Calculators, Templates, White Papers, Processes, HR, Sales, Service, and Operational Assets ($1,400 Value)

7 External Business Building Resource Links (PRICELESS)

Total Value: $5,390 to PRICELESS

Here’s What’s Included In My 10 Course MSSP Cybersecurity Masterclass for Managed Services Business Transformation

Course 1: Creating a Profitable Cybersecurity Sales Process – 1 On-Demand Video, 2 Asset Downloads, 2 External Resource Links
I deliver a high-level overview of the basics building blocks of your Cybersecurity sales process, including every role and its purpose and activities to be executed for success

Course 2: Cybersecurity Services Features & Benefits – 1 On-Demand Video, 2 Asset Downloads
I cover the features and benefits of a successful Cybersecurity services portfolio both for you and for your prospects and clients and prepare you to build your Cybersecurity value proposition
Course 3: Cybersecurity Sales Prospecting Using the Dark Web – 1 On-Demand Video, 5 Asset Downloads, 3 External Resource Links
I introduce the most effective, highest ROI-generating Cybersecurity marketing and lead generation strategies to fill the top of your sales funnel and teach you and your sales team the sales activities to execute weekly that lead to more qualified Cybersecurity sales appointments
Course 4: Warming Up and Qualifying Your Cybersecurity Sales Prospects – 1 On-Demand Video, 4 Asset Downloads
I reveal the necessary sales techniques to properly qualify a potential client that is meeting you for the very first time for Cybersecurity Services. This Cybersecurity-specific qualification process ensures that there is a good match between you and your prospect for your Cybersecurity products and services. You learn to conduct this Cybersecurity-specific sales qualifying process properly to reveal key prospect information such as pain, need, and budget to build urgency and buying temperature and accelerate sales velocity.
Course 5: Conducting Cybersecurity Assessments – 1 On-Demand Video, 1 Asset Download, 1 External Resource Link
I share the specific pre-sales activities required to develop the data needed to properly architect Cybersecurity Solutions for your prospects and clients. I cover the tools to use to identify security vulnerabilities at the perimeter, within the business infrastructure, and in the Cloud. In addition, the identification of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the environment that can be exploited by Cybercriminals in the event of a breach, and employing anti-phishing tests to the user community during the assessment process to increase the value of your Cybersecurity Sales Proposals is also covered. You learn how to analyze and interpret this data effectively during solution scoping to inform pricing and sales proposal development.
Course 6: Developing and Pricing Your Cybersecurity Sales Proposals – 1 On-Demand Video, 6 Asset Downloads
I focus on collating and analyzing the value information collected from your qualifying sessions with your prospect or client, as well as the security assessment, PII, anti-phishing, and vulnerability scanning results gathered during the security assessment phase of your pre-sales process. Based on this analysis, you learn to architect the appropriate solution, price for maximum profit, and develop a killer sales proposal and PowerPoint presentation in anticipation of the next step in the sales process, the Sales Presentation.
Course 7: Conducting the Cybersecurity Sales Presentation – 1 On-Demand Video, 2 Asset Downloads
I reveal the 3 steps to a successful sales Presentation and dive into the necessary sales presentation techniques critical to accelerating sales velocity and increasing your prospect’s buying temperature to the highest possible point. You learn the importance of properly presenting not only a strong monetary Return on Investment to your prospects, but also the critical Value on Investment for the intangible, but equally important benefits your Cybersecurity services will deliver. These advanced techniques will arm you with the sales presentation strategies to build the momentum necessary to transition to the next phases of the sales process: Overcoming Objections and Closing.
Course 8: Overcoming Objections and Closing the Cybersecurity Sale – 1 On-Demand Video, 4 Asset Downloads
I teach you how to identify sales objections and qualify and overcome them in order to close your Cybersecurity sales opportunity. During this session you learn the exact moment when your prospect is ready to be closed, and how to use trial closes and other tactics to determine when to ask for the business. These advanced sales closing techniques provide the strategies and know-how necessary to close more high-value Cybersecurity services business.
Course 9: Selling Cybersecurity with QBRs – 1 On-Demand Video, 3 Asset Downloads
I explore how to prepare for and conduct effective Quarterly Business Reviews that lead with Cybersecurity and help your clients mitigate security risks by strengthening their security posture and achieving and maintaining compliance with mandated security regulations while delivering peace of mind – all while keeping your sales and project pipelines full.
Course 10: Levering Live Events to Generate Qualified Security Leads – 1 On-Demand Video, 3 Asset Downloads, 1 External Resource Links
I share how to leverage live events like Lunch ‘n Learns, Business Breakfasts, Webinars, and Speaking Opportunities to maximize your lead generation outcomes with scale. You learn the best topics to deliver to reflect your Cybersecurity business expertise, how to find lists of prospects to market to, the best way to select sponsors and receive Marketing Development Funds (MDF) to help defray costs, the survey to use to generate sales appointments at the end of each event, and how to position a free dark web scan correctly to ensure a follow-up sales meeting.