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Erick Simpson’s MSP Newsletter | Using AI for MSP Lead Generation and Sales Growth

Using AI for MSP Lead Generation and Sales Growth

In this monthly series, we’ll dive deep into understanding how MSPs can leverage Generative Al to save time, drive sales, and fuel expansion with real-world tips, prompts, and examples to help you improve your lead generation and sales outcomes.

Generative Artificial Intelligence’s (Generative Al, GenAI) ability to process vast amounts of information to extract valuable insights has opened up new avenues for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to approach prospecting and lead generation. Al allows unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in identifying potential leads, assists in creating marketing messages and nurture campaigns, and much more, thus fostering new MSP sales growth.

How Al Changes the Game for MSPs Al first brings to the table its power to process large datasets in a fraction of the time it would take a human to do so. This gives your sales team more time to focus on forming connections and partnerships rather than getting lost in vast seas of data.

Al tools can identify patterns and trends from historical data, acting as fantastic predictive tools that tell you where your best opportunities lie. Furthermore, these tools can help you identify your ideal prospects, match leads to the right products, and separate high-quality leads from the rest.

Another aspect in which Al has been tremendously helpful is automation. Al-powered chatbots, for instance, provide 24/7 customer interaction, immediately responding to potential leads and generating opportunities even when your team is off the clock.

Getting Started with AlIntegrating Al in your business doesn’t need to be daunting or complicated. You can start by identifying who your ideal prospects are. The ideal prospect profile will vary depending on your business, services, and goals. Once you have a clear ideal prospect, you can utilize Al tools to identify potential leads that fit this profile.

Balancing Al Benefits and Risks While the benefits of Al are immense, it’s essential to recognize and manage the associated risks. Aging datasets, biased algorithms, and data privacy are areas where caution is needed. It is not enough to embrace technology; you must fully understand and control it.

The Future is Al The use of Al in lead generation is not just a fad – it’s a robust approach that’s here to stay. By implementing Al in your MSP business, you’re preparing for the future and positioning your business for maximum growth. The marriage of Al Solutions and MSP needs can truly be a game-changer. It’s time for MSPs to embrace the Al revolution.


Turbocharge Your MSP Sales Prospecting with ChatGPT

AI is incredibly efficient in sifting through data and identifying viable leads. Here’s a simple AI Prompt you can tweak to find a list of viable MSP prospects:

ChatGPT Prompt: Search the Internet and create a numbered list of 10 [enter business type] within 100 miles of [your city, state, or region], with [number] employees or more, and a short description of the company with a link to their website.

Prompt Example: Search the Internet and create a numbered list of 10 law firms within 100 miles of Long Island, New York, with 20 employees or more, and a short description of the company with a link to their website.

Prompt Example Output: Using the prompt example above, I received the following output in ChatGPT – try it yourself and vary the inputs to develop the perfect prompt for Identifying your target audience.

Next, review each company generated from your ChatGPT prompt to determine if they match your ideal client profile. The included link to their websites makes this easier.

NEXT MONTH: Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Narrow Your Sales Targeting

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Erick is an MSP business & channel growth expert, influencer, thought leader, speaker, and author of four best-selling books and over 50 white papers. His strategies and programs help MSPs overcome business challenges to realize consistent, profitable, managed services recurring revenue growth. His M&A expertise has helped dozens of MSPs sell their businesses at the highest valuation or expand through acquisition. He delivers strategic market analysis services, builds and improves channel programs for IT vendors and distributors, and helps recruit and enable their channel partners through his thought leadership podcasts, webinars, workshops, and event keynotes and breakouts.

Erick’s industry recognition includes Channel Futures’ 7 Thought Leaders Defining the MSP Market, Jay McBain’s 100 Most Visible Channel Leaders, 2 Time ChannelPro 20/20 Visionaries, 2 Time MSP Mentor 250 and SMB Nation’s SMB 150 award recipient.

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