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Understanding & Preventing Token Hijacking

As an MSP today, you’re faced with the ever-increasing challenge of staying ahead of cybercriminals. Despite educating customers on the risks of phishing, weak passwords, and promoting MFA, there’s always another threat on the horizon: Enter session token hijacking.

Join me on Thursday, May 9th, along with Ben Jones, sales engineer for SaaS Alerts, and SaaS Alerts partner Buddy Pitt, vCSO at Logically, to walk you through this rapidly emerging threat that takes Business Email Compromise (BEC) to a new level. This timely webinar will educate you not only on the new threat of token hijacking but also how it works, how to identify and protect against it, and how to make more MRR by doing so.

We’ll cover:

  • The complexities of session token hijacking
  • A live demo of a session token hijacking attack
  • How to identify potential signs of an attack
  • Ways to protect your own business
  • Effective strategies to keep your clients safe and generate more MRR

Today’s environment requires a robust counterattack plan against BEC. Register now to make sure you’re properly equipped.

Register even if you can’t attend live, and we’ll send you a link to the recording!

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